The Vallarta Mexology Philosophy

As the #1 Rated Tour Company in Vallarta, our goal at Vallarta Food Tours and Vallarta Mexology Tours is to help people experience the depth of Vallarta by awakening taste buds and encouraging discovery. You may think of us as guides, but we think of ourselves as storytellers, showcasing each neighborhood through the local people, local places, and great local food (and drinks). We love Vallarta and can’t wait to show you why you should too!

From our humble beginnings over ten years ago to today, there are a few concepts that drive our team at Vallarta Mexology Tours: Love The Journey of Discovery, Have a Passion for Adventure, Variety Is the Spice of Life, Authenticity Is Priceless

Love of Discovery:

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Lindsay moved to Mexico in 2008 after completing her
MBA at the University of Colorado. Driven by her passion of travel and her love for discovering
new cultures, Lindsay set down her well-worn suitcases down in Puerto Vallarta. Her love of food was first cultivated while exploring the hawker strips in Singapore. Her travel journeys have taken her to 25 countries from Peru to South Korea, but it is Mexico, her people, culture and food that have stolen her heart.

Each of our Food Tours are unique and share the stories of Mexico’s people, places and food. I hope as our expert guides take you on a unique journey of discovery that Mexico steals your heart as it has mine!
-Lindsay Mayer, Co-Founder

Passion For Adventure:

Born in Mexico City, Paul was raised in Caracas, Venezuela and Miami. Paul moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2010 after falling in love with its authenticity as a true Mexican town and coastal location. These two key factors made it the ideal location to satiate Paul’s passion for adventure, sports (kite-boarding, spear-fishing, scuba diving and surfing) and his native birthplace. A love of food percolated in his family’s home. Paul vividly remembers how his aunts and mother would masterfully cook tortilla soup, enchilidas, chiles en nogada and to-die-for mole. Paul co-founded Vallarta Food Tours after realizing the incredible variety of food and culture in his beloved Puerto Vallarta.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our guests  have a fantastic time and leave with a real confidence to continue their exploration of our beautiful city.  We hope each experience you have with us opens and satiates your passion for adventure and your tastebuds! Let us show you the beauty of Vallarta from a local’s perspective. I know it will grab your heart and stomach as it has mine!

-paul Mayer, Co-Founder

Variety Is The Spice Of Life:

Lindsay is often asked what her favorite Mexican Food is and she always replies: “My favorite Mexican food is not a dish. It’s the variety of foods that are local to Mexico: avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, chili peppers, lime, cilantro, squash blossoms and jicama. I eat some combination of these everyday! I continue to be amazed at the abundance of diverse food in Mexico".

We pride ourselves on working with the best restaurants in each neighborhood ranging from hidden gems to local favorites. We select our restaurant partners for their authenticity, delicious food and impactful stories. Yes, we believe every day should be celebrated like taco tuesday. However, there’s so much more to Vallarta’s food than tacos or what you may expect. We want you to taste the variety of diverse flavors and wake your taste buds up to new heights. You’ll leave satisfied and will get to taste the variety of flavors locals get to taste everyday.

Authenticity Is Priceless:

In 2011, Paul and Lindsay launched Vallarta Food Tours after taking a food tour in Chicago.
They were blown away by the experience and knew this was exactly what Vallarta needed as
many tourists come to Vallarta wanting to experience the local foods and flavors, but are unsure
where to begin or mislead on where to go. Vallarta Mexology Tours' mission is to help visitors and residents alike enjoy the best that Vallarta has to offer by highlighting authentic, “non-touristy” food and drinks and share local insight of its treasures.

 Our team is a delightful group made of fun and quirky locals who are ridiculously passionate about sharing an authentic, delicious view of Vallarta. We embrace what makes each of our guides, partners and guests authentic and special! We can't wait to share Vallarta with you. 


Vallarta Team